10th Euronest Assembly: impact of the war in Ukraine on the Eastern Partnership 

Press Releases 

The war in Ukraine and other geopolitical challenges are set to feature prominently on the agenda of the 10th session of the joint parliamentary assembly.

Members of the Euronest Parliamentary Assembly will meet in Chișinău, Moldova, for the 10th Ordinary Session, from 19 to 21 February. The Assembly is comprised of 60 MEPs and 10 members from each of the participating parliaments of the Eastern European partners (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine).

Moldovan Parliament Speaker Igor Grosu will open the plenary session on 20 February. The meetings will be co-chaired by MEP Andrius Kubilius (EPP, Lithuania) and Ina Coșeru, a Moldovan parliamentarian.

The full programme of the event will be uploaded here. All meetings except that of the Bureau and the Working Group on Belarus will be live streamed.

The future of the Eastern Partnership following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

The Assembly’s opening session will be preceded by meetings of the different Euronest committees and working groups, with the impact of the war in Ukraine on the Eastern Partnership and new security challenges in the region set to dominate discussions. Participants will also adopt resolutions on political affairs, economic integration, energy security and social matters.

Press conference

A press conference with the Assembly’s two Co-Presidents (Mr Kubilius and Ms Coșeru) is scheduled for Tuesday, 21 February at 12.30 local time (11.30 CET), in the Nistru/Prut meeting room at the Hotel Radisson Blu Leogrand in Chișinău.

Journalists wishing to obtain accreditation for the briefing can send an email stating their name, media organisation and including a photo of their press credentials to Augustina Badica, Chief consultant, Directorate for Communication and Public Relations at the Moldovan Parliament: augustina.badica@parlament.md.

You can also follow the press conference live here.


The Euronest Parliamentary Assembly was established on 3 May 2011 in Brussels, when the Presidents (or their representatives) of the Armenian, Azerbaijani, Georgian, Moldovan, Ukrainian and European Parliaments signed the Assembly's Constitutive Act.

The mission of the Euronest Parliamentary Assembly is to promote the conditions necessary to accelerate political association and further economic integration between the EU and the Eastern European Partners, as well as to strengthen cooperation within the region and between the region and the EU. The multilateral Assembly contributes to strengthening, developing, and increasing the visibility of the Eastern Partnership.