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Contacts of the press services of the European Parliament, the President and the Political Groups. We also provide the contact details for audiovisual facilities.

Parliament’s press service 

The European Parliament's Press Service provides journalists with factual and neutral information on Parliament's activities, as well as providing practical and technical assistance. Our press officers are available to inform media professionals about legislative dossiers on Parliament's agenda and about the audiovisual support and contacts available to them.

President’s press service 

The Communication Team of the President of the European Parliament deals with all press and media matters directly concerning the President.

Political groups’ press service 

Each of the European Parliament’s political groups has a press service that provides information on their activities and deals with media enquiries.

Audiovisual support and service 

The European Parliament provides support to media professionals covering parliamentary activities, content and technical facilities for video, radio, multimedia and photo production. Our offer, available on the Multimedia Centre, consists of a mix of live events, news summaries of EP activities, illustrative stockshots and coverage of key events.


European Parliament Spokesperson's service