Parliament's ninth term 2019-2024 


The new Parliament held its constituent session on 2 July 2019. It adapted its composition on 1 February 2020 following the UK withdrawal from the EU.

On 3 July 2019, David Sassoli (S&D, IT) was elected with 345 votes as the new President of the European Parliament for two and a half years.  

MEPs elected David Sassoli (S&D, IT) as the President of the Parliament on 3 July . They also elected the the 14 Vice-Presidents and the five Quaestors of the House and decided on the number and composition of Parliament’s standing committees.

Parliament currently has 20 committees and two subcommittees. The composition of the committees can be found on the Parliament’s committees’ websites.

Detailed information on elections of the President and committee chairs, requirements to form political groups and the composition of EP governing bodies, are available here.

Parliament after Brexit

On 1 February, following the withdrawal of the UK from the EU, Parliament’s composition changed from 751 MEPs to 705 MEPs. Of the UK’s 73 seats, 27 have been redistributed to Ireland, France, Italy, Spain, Poland, Romania, Netherlands, Sweden, Austria, Denmark, Slovakia, Finland, Croatia, Estonia.

See the break-down of seats per country and per political group here.

The mandates of additional MEPs, elected in the 2019 European elections, were opened as of 1 February. The new MEPs (link below) and their appointment to the committees were announced at the opening of the plenary session on 10 February.

Parliament elected the new Commission

President-elect von der Leyen presents her team and vision to Parliament prior to the vote for the election of the Commission  

Member states nominated Ursula von der Leyen (EPP, DE) as a candidate for the post of Commission President, taking into account the European election results. Parliament elected the new Commission President on 16 July 2019 by an absolute majority (half of the component members plus one). Read more.

Public hearings of Commissioner-designate

The 26 Commissioners-designate were proposed by the member states and Commission president-elect Ursula von der Leyen. Before winning the approval of Parliament on 27 November, the candidates’ suitability for the job was assessed in individual public hearings in the competent EP committees.

Detailed information and videos of the hearings are available on the Commissioners-designate hearings 2019 website

Read more about the commitments of Commissioners-designate made during the hearings.