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What Europe does for me 


An award-winning new website and the EP Citizens’ App demonstrate the EU’s positive impact on individual citizens and local communities.

What Europe Does For Me  

The interactive, multilingual, ‘What Europe Does For Me’ online website, put together by the European Parliamentary Research Service, presents hundreds of easy-to-read, one-page notes giving examples of the positive difference that the EU makes to people's lives. Users can easily find specific information about what Europe does for their region, their profession or their favourite pastime.

1 400 localities covered

Around 1 800 one-page notes are available to read, share or reuse as online pages or as PDF files. They are organised in two main categories on the website. The first section, ‘In my region’, allows users to select the place where they and their family live or work. How is Europe present in our towns, cities and regions? This section of the website covers over 1 400 localities in every part of the European Union.

400 snapshots of EU action for citizens

The second section of the site, ‘In my life’, lets each user select from 400 ‘one-pagers’ to find things that are important to her or to him personally. How does the EU affect, for example, families, health care, hobbies, travel, security, consumer choices and social rights? How does the EU support people in their professional lives in dozens of jobs - from beekeepers to bus drivers to brewers? What has the EU done for people who enjoy leisure activities such as sport, music or watching television? A series of podcasts in a growing number of languages is also available for this section.

What’s next ?

The third section of the site, with longer briefing papers on EU policies ‘in focus’, outlines some of the achievements of the current parliamentary term, and the outlook for the future, with a special focus on public opinion and citizens’ concerns and expectations of EU action.

Citizens’ App: Europe in the palm of your hand

This mobile application helps citizens to discover what the EU has done, is doing and plans to do. It is searchable, shareable, can be personalised and is available in twenty-four languages. It can be downloaded for free from the App Store and Google Play.