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The short film is a nudge to take part in the upcoming European elections and to think about the future generations that will ultimately have to live with the consequences of this vote. Directed by award-winning Frédéric Planchon, it documents the intense, beautiful and fragile moments when newborn children come into this world.

The 3-minute Choose Your Future film will be subtitled in all official EU languages, some regional languages, different national versions of the same language (33 in total) and five worldwide major languages (Arabic, Chinese, Russian, Hindi and Turkish). It is also translated into 31 sign languages.

The film was first published online on YouTube and Facebook on 25 April. Shorter versions (20-35 sec.) are disseminated across Europe via TV channels, radio and cinemas.

Video “Stop scrolling”

Young volunteer filmmakers and actors from different European countries initiated and produced a video to be launched on social networks ten days before the elections. “Stop scrolling” is a 43-second call on young people to go and vote. It is dubbed in 24 languages.