European Parliament Press Tool Kit  


This press tool kit includes useful contacts, an overview of the European Parliament’s composition, political priorities and ongoing work, links to background notes, graphics, and public opinion data.

It is designed to help journalists covering Parliament’s activities to quickly find relevant, up-to-date information and easily navigate Parliament’s websites.

The European Parliament in plenary session in Strasbourg June 2021  

Continuity of Parliament’s business during the pandemic

To comply with national public health restrictions, travel between Parliament’s seats and activities involving external visitors were temporarily reduced or suspended. However, Parliament has never stopped its legislative work and democratic oversight during the pandemic and has kept its main premises open to media.

In particular, legislation to tackle COVID-19 and its social and economic consequences was amended and approved within weeks by Parliament’s committees and plenary in remote working mode. This was made possible thanks to temporary measures adopted, in compliance with the rule of law, by its President and its governing bodies. These measures guaranteed the continuity of Parliament’s business as required by the Treaties and allowed Parliament to carry out its legislative, budgetary and political scrutiny functions during the crisis.