Surveys in all member states 


Parliament regularly issues Eurobarometer surveys on public opinion, monitoring citizens’ expectations, concerns and political priorities.

These surveys cover a wide range of issues, focusing on citizens’ perceptions and expectations of EU action, and the main challenges the Union is facing. The surveys also measure in detail citizen attitudes on the EU and the European Parliament, while keeping a close eye on the public’s views on the European elections.

Eurobarometer data in general goes back to 1979, while dedicated surveys from the European Parliament have been commissioned since 2007. The results provide detailed insights into trends and the evolution of public opinion on European issues, at the European and national levels, including also socio- demographic indicators. All Eurobarometer data are public and can be found on the inter-institutional Eurobarometer website.

Eurobarometer survey methodology

The European Parliament and the EU Commission are the main producers of Eurobarometer surveys. All Eurobarometer surveys are carried out using the same methodology. This allows for direct comparison of data and the easier observation of trends. The standard overall sample size is around 27,000 respondents from all 27 EU member states, drawn from the general population aged 15 years or older.

The survey sample mirrors the socio-demographic context of each member state and is statistically fully representative.

For each survey, Parliament publishes the following products and information:

  • Full report (in English)
  • Executive summary (in English on publication date, followed later by French and German versions)
  • Presentation on EU27 (in English)
  • National factsheets for each member state (both in English and the local languages)
  • National presentations (in English; as of spring 2023 also in local languages)
  • Complete socio-demographic and results annex
  • Aggregated Excel data files
  • Complete SPSS file with the full raw data set (on request).

Additional services by the Public Opinion Monitoring Unit

“Plenary Insights” is a monthly newsletter providing MEPs and the wider public with the most recent Eurobarometer data on key topics of the plenary agenda. The briefing is published on the EP’s website on the Monday of each plenary week.

In the context of Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine, the EP’s Public Opinion Monitoring Unit is tracking and analysing surveys and polls related to the war in Ukraine, collating them in comprehensive collections which are published regularly on the EP’s website.