MEPs may refuse discharge to the EESC and the Council 

Parliament will vote on Tuesday on recommendations not to approve the European Economic and Social Committee’s and the Council’s accounts for the budgetary year 2018.

The European Economic and Social Committee has not shown progress in resolving an alleged harassment case involving a senior member, as reported by OLAF in 2020, the draft report says.

The Budgetary Control Committee also recommends that the Council should be refused discharge, as it has not cooperated in the discharge procedure. Parliament has denied discharge to the European Council and the Council every year since 2011.


In May, Plenary decided to postpone the decision to grant discharge to both institutions for 2018, to give them the opportunity to remedy shortcomings before autumn.

Procedure Code: 2019/2060(DEC), 2019/2057(DEC)

Vote: Tuesday, 20 October

Procedure: Discharge