EU-UK relations and tackling COVID-19 take centre stage in debate on EU summit 

European Council President Charles Michel will present and discuss the outcome of the 15-16 October EU Summit with MEPs on Wednesday.

Member states are expected to agree on common standards for assessing COVID-19 epidemiological risks and common criteria for travel restrictions, quarantine and testing protocols in the EU, as called for by Parliament in a resolution adopted on 17 September.

Following a review of the state of the negotiations on the future EU-UK relationship with Michel Barnier, Head of Commission's UK Task Force, MEPs will also discuss preparatory work - at both EU and member states’ level - for all possible scenarios after 1 January 2021.

MEPs will also comment on the outcome of the Council’s debate on climate change and EU emissions reductions. Parliament adopted its ambitious position on the Climate Law proposal in a plenary vote on 7 October.

Finally, MEPs are set to outline their strategy on the future relations between the EU and Africa, also discussed by heads of state or government during their meeting.

Council and Commission statements, followed by a debate

Debate: Wednesday, 21 October