Marc Angel elected Vice-President of the European Parliament 


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Marc Angel has taken office as new fifth Vice-President, in anticipation of his portfolio assignment by President Metsola © EU 2023 - EP  

The newly elected Vice-President replaces Eva Kaili (NA, EL) as the fifth VP in the Parliament’s Bureau.

On Wednesday, in a secret vote, Marc ANGEL (S&D, LU) received an absolute majority of votes cast and was elected to the office of European Parliament Vice-President, following two rounds of voting.

First ballot result

MEPs voting: 648

Abstentions: 93

Valid votes cast: 555

Absolute majority of votes cast needed to be elected: 278

  • Marc ANGEL (S&D, LU) 263
  • Gwendoline DELBOS-CORFIELD (Greens/EFA, FR) 113
  • Annalisa TARDINO (ID, IT) 179

Second ballot result

MEPs voting: 645

Abstentions: 55

Valid votes cast: 590

Absolute majority of votes cast needed to be elected: 296

  • Marc ANGEL (S&D, LU) 307
  • Gwendoline DELBOS-CORFIELD (Greens/EFA, FR) 98
  • Annalisa TARDINO (ID, IT) 185

The President delegates specific duties to the 14 Vice-Presidents, who can replace her when necessary, including to chair plenary sittings. These Vice-Presidents are also members of the European Parliament’s Bureau, which lays down the rules ensuring Parliament’s effective functioning. Among its other duties, the Bureau draws up Parliament’s preliminary draft budget and decides on administrative, staff and organisational matters. In electing the members of the Bureau, MEPs aim to ensure that the Vice-Presidents and Quaestors broadly reflect the numerical strength of the political groups in Parliament.


Based on the European Parliament’s Rules of Procedure, in the event of a vacancy, a new Vice-President is elected to take the place of his or her predecessor in the order of precedence - so the MEP elected today is now Parliament’s fifth VP. Nominations may be made by one-twentieth of Parliament’s component Members or a political group. A candidate needs an absolute majority of votes cast by secret ballot to be elected.