Reducing risks to EU banks and protecting taxpayers 

Parliament will vote on a significant step towards reducing risks in the banking system and establishing the Banking Union, on Tuesday.

MEPs will vote on two sets of rules, already informally agreed with member states, on banks’ resilience and on a clear roadmap for banks to deal with losses

The main objective of the rules, amending the EU’s prudential requirements for banks, is to help boost the EU economy by increasing lending capacity, to create deeper and more fluid capital markets. A clear roadmap for banks to deal with losses aims to ensure that they hold enough capital, and debt, to no longer resort to taxpayer bailouts.

Procedure: Ordinary legislative procedure, first reading agreement

Procedure Codes: 2016/0364 (COD), 2016/0360A (COD), 2016/0362 (COD), 2016/0361 (COD)

Debate: Monday, 15 April

Vote: Tuesday, 16 April