Other topics on the agenda 

Other topics for debate and vote include the following:

  • Market surveillance and compliance of products, Danti (COD) debate Tue, vote Wed
  • European Defence Fund, Krasnodebski (COD), Debate Wed, vote Thu
  • Space programme of the Union and the European Union Agency for the Space Programme, Salini (COD), vote Wed
  • Digital Europe Programme for the period 2021-2027, Mlinar (COD), vote Wed
  • Connecting Europe Facility, Virkkunen, Marinescu, Telicka (COD), vote Wed
  • Justice programme, Weidenholzer, Hautala (COD), vote Wed
  • Rights and Values programme, Valero (COD), vote Wed
  • Persistent organic pollutants, Girling (COD), vote Thu
  • Interoperability between EU information systems in the field of borders and visa (Lenaers) and in the field of police and judicial cooperation, asylum and migration (Melo) (COD), vote Tue
  • Supplementary protection certificate for medicinal products, Grandes Pascual (COD), debate Tue, vote Wed
  • Rules facilitating the use of financial and other information, Radev (COD), vote Wed
  • European Cybersecurity Industrial, Technology and Research Competence Centre and Network of National Coordination Centres, Reda (COD), vote Wed
  • Promotion of clean and energy-efficient road transport vehicles, Grzyb (COD), debate Wed, vote Thu
  • Use of digital tools and processes in company law, Zwiefka (COD), debate Wed, vote Thu
  • Cross-border conversions, mergers and divisions, Regner (COD), debate Wed, vote Thu
  • Fiscalis programme for cooperation in the field of taxation, Giegold (COD), vote Wed
  • European Labour Authority, Lenaers (COD), vote Tue
  • Prudential supervision of investment firms, Ferber (COD), debate Tue, vote Wed
  • OLAF investigations and cooperation with the European Public Prosecutor's Office, Grässle (COD), vote Tue- Negotiations with Council and Commission on European Parliament's right of inquiry: legislative proposal, OQs Council, Commission, Thursday
  • Council and Commission statements - Situation in Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe after cyclone Idai
  • Statement by the Vice-President of the Commission/High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy - Situation in Libya
  • Commission statement - Protecting the integrity of the European elections, with particular regard to international threats to cybersecurity
  • Objection with regard to the deployment and operational use of cooperative intelligent transport systems
  • Implementation and financing of the EU general budget for 2019 in relation to the UK's withdrawal from the Union, Arthuis, vote Wed