MEPs to call for recovery support for hard-hit European culture 

In a resolution to be put to the vote on Thursday, MEPs want to call for dedicated EU funding to help rebuild the European cultural sector, severely hit by COVID-19.

A resolution, winding up the plenary debate of July 10, warns that no specific amount has been earmarked in the EU’s recovery plan to directly benefit those in the European creative and cultural sector and that the long-term budget (MFF) proposals for the 2021-27 Creative Europe programme are too low.


More flexible state aid rules, adopted as part of the coronavirus response initiative, as well as the “Next Generation EU” recovery plan, have given member states more options to support their cultural enterprises and creators. However, no targeted EU funds have been earmarked for the sector.

In the latest Council long-term budget proposals, amounts for Creative Europe were cut back to € 1.64 billion, disappointing the sector and the European Parliament, which has been calling for an envelope of € 2.8 billion.

Procedure: Non-legislative resolution


Debate: 10 July 2020

Vote: Thursday; 17 September