Focus more on social policy in post-pandemic recovery plans, MEPs are set to say 

MEPs will debate and vote on the priorities for this year’s European Semester, stressing the importance of social policy and structural reforms for recovery.

This year’s Sustainable Growth Strategy, debated on Wednesday morning and put to the vote on Thursday, is closely linked to the new Recovery and Resilience Facility, set up to support post-pandemic recovery in Europe. MEPs are expected to underline that national reform plans should focus on social priorities, such as employment, education and skills and health. Indicators on social progress should help to monitor these priorities. MEPs are also set to underline that the national recovery plans should be assessed against the relevant country-specific recommendations.

Referring to the economic crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, MEPs are set to highlight that the European Semester process will have to be adjusted in order to properly launch the RRF. They are also expected to stress that once the crisis is over, this process will be key in better coordinating the EU’s budgetary, economic, social and employment policies, including projects contributing to the green and digital transition.

Procedure: Own-initiative reports

2021/2004(INI) and 2020/2244(INI)

Debate: Wednesday, 10 March

Vote and results: Thursday 11 March