MEPs to demand a solution on asylum and migration, and coordinated sea rescues 

Plenary will quiz the Czech Presidency and the Commission on Wednesday about guaranteeing solidarity and burden sharing in the management of migration flows into Europe.

The debate is likely to focus on ways to advance reform of EU migration and asylum common policy before the 2024 EU elections. The recent difficulties with the disembarkation of migrants arriving by sea, in particular after search and rescue operations carried out by NGO boats on the Central Mediterranean route, as well as the implementation of the voluntary relocation mechanism agreed in June 2022 will also be raised by MEPs.


The European Commission proposed the New Pact on Migration and Asylum in September 2020 to improve asylum procedures and ensure solidarity and fair responsibility sharing among member states when dealing with the arrival of migrants and asylum seekers. The Pact comprises the following legislative proposals: Regulation for Asylum and Migration Management, Regulation for Crisis and Force majeure, Screening Regulation, Qualification Regulation , Reception Conditions Directive (recast), Amended Asylum Procedures regulation, Return Directive (recast), Amended EURODAC Regulation and Union Resettlement Framework Regulation. The European Parliament is currently working on them and the first votes at committee level are expected to take place in the next months.

Debate: Wednesday, 23 November

Procedure: Council and Commission statements, no resolution