Human rights: the Maldives, Sudan and Uganda 

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  • The Maldives should immediately lift the state of emergency
  • Human rights defenders in Sudan should be released
  • Uganda’s authorities must prevent “mercy killings” of disabled children

MEPs call for respect of human rights in the Maldives, ending of torture practises on detainees in Sudan and of “mercy killings” in Uganda.

MEPs urge the Maldives government to immediately lift the state of emergency, release all persons arbitrarily detained and ensure the proper functioning of Parliament and judiciary. They are concerned by the serious, deteriorating political and human rights situation in the country, specifically regarding the “continued intimidation of and threats against journalists, bloggers and human rights defenders”.


The resolution also strongly condemns any interference in the work of the Supreme Court of Justice and the announcement that the death penalty is being reintroduced in the country. They urge the Maldives to respect the moratorium on the death penalty, which has been in place for more than 60 years.


Sudan should stop persecuting human rights defenders


The EP calls for respect of human rights and the immediate release of human rights defenders, such as the Sakharov Prize Laureate Salih Mahmoud Osman and condemns the practice of torture and ill-treatment of any detained persons and demonstrators.


MEPs also appeal for the government to immediately sign and ratify the UN Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women and urge the EU and member states to provide support to those Sudanese authorities and citizens who are “genuinely seeking change”.


Ugandan authorities to protect people with disabilities and prevent “mercy killings”


The Parliament strongly condemns the practise of “mercy killings”, the unjustifiable and inhumane killings of disabled children and new-borns in Uganda. MEPs call on the authorities to protect people with disabilities, provide quality support and benefits to families with disabled children so that they can be raised at home and urge them to strengthen efforts to raise awareness of the rights and dignity of disabled people.


The European Commission and member states should help the Ugandan government, NGOs and civil society in such efforts, urge MEPs, inviting media to play a more active role in “challenging stereotypes and promoting inclusion”.


The three resolutions were approved by a show of hands on Thursday.