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The Week Ahead 23 – 29 November 2020 
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The Week Ahead 23 – 29 November 2020 

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Remote Plenary Session

Collective interest of consumers
. MEPs will vote on new rules that will allow groups of consumers, harmed by illegal practices, to defend their rights collectively and seek compensation. Member states will need to put in place systems for representative action that guarantee consumers are well protected against mass harm, while ensuring appropriate safeguards from abusive lawsuits. (debate Tuesday, voting results Wednesday).

“Right to repair” for consumers.
Parliament will debate and vote on ways to boost sustainability by granting EU consumers a “right to repair” and by tackling practices that intentionally shorten the lifetime of products. MEPs will also address the issue of products that contain dangerous chemicals, have unsafe software, or pose other safety hazards and debate the EU’s New Consumer Agenda. (debates Monday, voting results Wednesday)

Strengthening media freedom
. MEPs fear that media pluralism is at risk in several EU member states and warn of the increasing pressure and harassment faced by journalists. In a debate and vote, they are set to focus particularly on political interference, the protection of journalists, threats such as the proliferation of hate speech and disinformation, and the role of internet platforms. (debate Monday, voting results Wednesday)

December EU summit
. Vaccines, terrorism, climate protection targets and the EU long-term budget are among the topics MEPs are expected to bring up in a debate with Commission President von der Leyen and the German Presidency ahead of the 10-11 December EU summit. (debate Wednesday)

Fundamental rights in the EU.
MEPs are expected to warn against the deterioration of fundamental rights and EU values within the EU, and underline the critical need for a mechanism on democracy, the rule of law and fundamental rights. (debate Tuesday, voting results Thursday)

Abortion rights in Poland
. MEPs are expected to denounce the ruling of the Polish Constitutional Tribunal, which effectively bans abortion, and to call on the Polish Government to guarantee every woman’s right to her own personal choice in such cases. (debate Wednesday, voting results Thursday)

End homelessness by 2030
. 700 000 people face homelessness each night in Europe, representing a 70% increase over a decade. MEPs are therefore set to advocate for an EU goal to eradicate housing exclusion and put an end to homelessness by 2030. (voting results Tuesday)

President’s Diary.
On Tuesday, EP President Sassoli will meet with EU Foreign Policy Chief and Commission Vice-President Josep Borrell, and attend “The Citizens’ Convention on Climate”. On Wednesday, he will have a remote meeting with the Speaker of the Canadian House of Commons, Anthony Rota.

Press Briefing.
On Monday at 16:00, Parliament’s and political group spokespersons will hold a press briefing on next week’s plenary session.

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