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A dedicated website is available containing all information and news on the hearings of the candidate Commissioners before the European Parliament committees. Information includes the Commissioners' CVs and relevant procedures and documents.

The website will also feature live webstreaming and VODs of all hearings.

Infographics are available on the news portal of the European Parliament's website

Press officers for the different policy areas and nationalities are available for further information, both in Brussels and in the capitals of member states. Link to the contact list is below this section.

Audiovisual media

For audiovisual media, a dedicated website will offer broadcast-quality material

Media library on Commissioners' hearings 1995 - 2014

Europe by satellite, EbS

For further information, contact the hotline/newsdesk

Social media

Follow our Twitter accounts for latest updates on timing, practical information and live coverage of the hearings. The specialised Twitter accounts are listed in the next sestion.

EP PressService       @EuroParlPress

There will also be a Twitter dashboard for every hearing, using a word cloud to show in real time the meeting-related topics most discussed on Twitter.

A Tumblr account will offer access to 27 Storify files, aggregating material from each hearing:

European Parliament will also cover the hearings on its social media profiles:

            - Facebook

            - Instagram

- Flickr   

- Storify