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Tuesday, 9 February

Live coverage of debates and votes can be found on Parliament’s webstreaming and on EbS+.

For detailed information on the session, please also see our newsletter.

All information regarding plenary, including speakers’ lists, can be found here.

Mitigating the effects of the pandemic

Parliament will debate, from around 8.30, the Recovery and Resilience Facility, designed to help EU countries alleviate the economic and social consequences of COVID-19. With 672.5 billion EUR available in grants and loans, it is the largest sum of the Next Generation EU recovery package. The vote will take place at 20.00, with results announced on Wednesday at 9.00.

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Crackdown on the political opposition in Russia

At 15.00, MEPs will discuss the political turmoil in Russia – including Alexei Navalny’s case and country-wide protests – with EU Foreign Policy Chief Josep Borrell, a few days after his visit to Moscow. In recent weeks, thousands of Russians have taken part in protests to demand Mr Navalny's release, as well as to criticise corruption and decreasing living standards, only to be met with mass arrests and a sweeping crackdown by the police.

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In brief:

De facto ban on abortion in Poland. In a debate in the morning, MEPs are likely to criticise the deterioration of abortion rights in Poland following the entry into force of the Constitutional Tribunal’s ruling.

Yemen/Myanmar. In the afternoon, the humanitarian situation in Yemen and the military coup in Myanmar will be debated with EU Foreign Policy Chief Josep Borrell. Resolutions will be put to a vote on Thursday.


Results of Monday’s votes will be announced at 8.30 on, among other issues:

  • the request to waive the immunity of Álvaro Amaro (EPP, PT)

  • the appointment of Frank Elderson as the Vice-Chair of the Supervisory Board of the ECB.

The first voting session, in which MEPs will vote on amendments to various reports and resolutions, will take place between 13.00 and 14.15. Results will be announced at 19.00.

The second voting session will take place between 20.00 and 21.15, with results announced on Wednesday morning at 9.00.

MEPs will cast final votes on:

  • Establishing the Recovery and Resilience Facility

  • The New Circular Economy Action Plan

  • Reducing inequalities with a special focus on in-work poverty

  • The impact of COVID-19 on youth and on sport

  • Human Trafficking

  • European Central Bank – annual report 2020

  • Public access to documents for the years 2016-2018.

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