President Metsola at the European Moldova Assembly rally: Moldova is not alone  

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European Parliament President Roberta Metsola addressed today 70 000 participants of the European Moldova Assembly rally in Chisinau.

Dragi cetățeni ai Republicii Moldova

Dragi Europeni,

I am so proud to be with you today, before this massive, massive crowd of people who believe in a European future for Moldova.

I come here today to stand with you and Maia Sandu and to bring one message to you:

Europa este Moldova.

Moldova este Europa.

We are here to confirm your European choice, to support your choice to join the European Union as a Member State, to underline that your rights deserve the same protection that EU membership offers to other citizens of our Union.

For young people in Moldova to have the same access to opportunities that my children have.

For young women, like Virginie, who I met last night in Chisinau, who wants the same chances to reach her potential as everyone else in Europe.

Europe is your family and it is your right to choose the destiny of your country.

You choose Europe and Europe will welcome you with open arms and open hearts.

There are no big and no small powers in Europe. We believe in opportunity for all, in equality and in freedom.

This is about both of us. You will bring a piece of Moldova to Europe, and you will make Europe stronger.

We believe in the same values, we share the same outlook and our future is one that will be shared. Together we can face anything.

Because Moldova is part of our European family. And this family will always be with you. Moldova is not alone. Moldova nu este singură.

I am honoured to stand here with Maia Sandu, a woman who personifies what it means to be European. A leader who inspires. A President who has the courage to change the course of history in Moldova and who will change the face of Europe. And Madame President I want to be standing right next to you when your great country officially opens accession negotiations hopefully even this year.

Dear friends,

We are living in times of instability. Yet, you can be proud of the fact that those who sought to destabilise your country, have been unsuccessful. Moldova stands proud despite the threats and the intimidation.

The world saw your courage as you defied Russian threats. As you choose democracy over autocracy, freedom over fear. As you held steady.

The world witnessed your extraordinary generosity with the people of Ukraine. You opened up, your homes and your hearts to thousands of Ukrainian children, women and men seeking refuge and supported hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians transiting through your country, in what was the highest number of refugee intake per capita.

It was also your country and your people that sent truckloads of humanitarian aid to Ukraine. That operationalised solidarity lanes for grain and fuel transit to feed hungry families and heat chilling homes.

You did this because you believe in our common values and in the principle of European solidarity. Because you understand that having someone to turn to, to rely on, to trust in is what being European is all about. Those are the values we share and we defend.

This is why, in these difficult times, the European Parliament has continuously reiterated its support towards the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Republic of Moldova. We have condemned all attempts at destabilisation, including the political weaponisation of energy, disinformation campaigns, repeated violations of airspace, and the brutal threat of force against your country.

Since October 2021, the European Union has provided more than 1 billion euros - that is around 20 billion Moldovan Leu - in financial assistance to the Republic of Moldova to strengthen its resilience, to sustain those Moldovans who found themselves in economic difficulty, to support reform efforts in view of prospective European Union membership.

We will support you on this journey for as long and as much as needed.

Moldova, the world knows your people, as peaceful, democratic and free. Free to express your hopes, your wishes, your expectations. Free to determine your country’s fate. You have chosen Europe, and now you have a right and a responsibility, to see this through.

Over the past years, you have undertaken decisive steps to reform. Even in these challenging times of an illegal war on your borders, your commitment, President Maia Sandu’s commitment, to Moldova’s European course has never veered off-track.

In the European Parliament, we recognise the great efforts your country has made to implement the European Commission’s nine steps for reform and to align itself with the EU acquis. Moldova is already ready for deeper integration in the EU single market and for strengthened cooperation on digitalisation and telecommunications.

And throughout this process, let me assure you that you will always find a true friend and ally in the European Parliament – some of my colleagues are here today. We are proud to be your greatest supporter for EU accession.

Because we understand and believe in the transformative power that EU enlargement brings. We know what it means to you – and you proved it by being here today.

And so, as you are gathered here today, on this momentous day, to send a pro-European message to the international community, I leave you with my - with the European Parliament’s - response:

Keep going. Hold steady.

Moldova is not alone. Moldova nu este singură.

Thank you for believing, we will not let you down. Thank you.