Getting Europe to the ballot box: activists gear up  


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With European elections just days away, dedicated individuals, businesses and VIPs step up their efforts to make sure as many citizens as possible cast vote to choose their future.

More than 2000 events organised by NGOs, businesses, dedicated individuals and European Parliament partners have taken place over the past months or are set to be launched in the run-up to the 23-26 May elections.

In Copenhagen, thousands will take part in a march “to make the election a climate election” on 25 May. Featuring an address by the climate activist Greta Thunberg, the gathering will call for immediate climate action.

In Germany, the Berlin main train station is lit up in the colours of the EU flag each night until the elections. Passengers are also reminded of the vote on train schedule leaflets.

The streaming service Spotify has created a dedicated “Get Vocal, Europe!” playlist, featuring one song from each of the 28 member states.

See annexes for a complete overview of events, grassroots activities and VIPs weighing in to make the elections a success.

The European Parliament’s awareness campaign includes the film “Choose Your Future” and platform to remind people of their ownership of European democray and to get involved in the European elections. So far, more than 305.000 people have signed up and 340 organisations have promoted elections.

More than 426 million citizens are called to vote in all EU countries between 23 and 26 May.