Two persons walking in front of the flags of the ACP-EU JPA Member States
Flags of the ACP-EU JPA Member States © European Union (2015) - European Parliament
1st session of the OACPS-EU JPA
10-07-2024 17:13

The 1st Session of the OACPS-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly took place in Luanda, Angola on the 21 February 2024 under the theme: A New Dawn in OACPS-EU Relations: Towards a People-Led Partnership

Orville and Houinsa
15-05-2024 16:07

A Bureau meeting of the Africa-EU Parliamentary Assembly was held in camera on 30 April 2024

Youth Forum Luanda
01-03-2024 14:40

OACPS-EU Youth Forum, Universidade Católica de Angola, Luanda, Angola 20 February 2024

Women's Forum Luanda
01-03-2024 14:35

OACPS - EU Women’s Forum, Museu da Moeda, Luanda, Angola 20 February 2024

Bureau Meeting
01-03-2024 12:31

Parliamentary Assembly Bureau Meetings - 20 February 2024

Constitutive meeting
01-03-2024 12:27

Constitutive meetings of the OACPS-EU regional Parliamentary Assemblies - 19 February 2024