Women's Forum

OACPS-EU Women’s Forum, Angola 20 February 2024

Women's Forum Luanda
Women's Forum © Assembleia Nacional Angola
OACPS - EU Women's Forum, Museu da Moeda, Luanda, Angola 20 February 2024

The first Women's Forum since the signing of the Samoa Agreement (38th edition since 2002) took place as part of the OACPS-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly.

The Women's Forum, organised at the Museu da Moeda, focused on the topic of "Gender-based violence: The fight to protect women and girls"with a keynote address by Ms. Ceciilia Kitombe , Academic and Researcher.

The session was co-chaired by Max Orville (EP) and Carolyn-Trench Sandiford, (Belize).

The meeting was attended by Members of the European Parliament, OACPS delegates, representatives of EUDEL, Angolan parliamentarians and several representatives from women's associations and organisations.