Ongoing legislative procedures

Information on ongoing ordinary legislative procedures

All ongoing files can be accessed in the Legislative Observatory of the European Parliament which is accessible through the links below, according to the stage of the procedure they are in. You can view and/or download the procedure file for further information such as key players, key events, technical information and all the documentation.

Transparency of business and availability of documents

In the course of the ordinary legislative procedure, a number of documents are produced by Parliament which are publicly available via the Legislative Observatory:

Parliament's first reading:

  • Draft and final report drawn up by a rapporteur and adopted by the lead committee (the same goes for opinions which are prepared by other committees)
  • Amendments to the Commission proposal tabled in committee
  • Amendments tabled in Plenary
  • First reading adopted by Parliament
Parliament's second reading:
  • Draft and final recommendation for second reading drawn up by a rapporteur and adopted by the lead committee
  • Amendments to the Council's position at first reading tabled in committee
  • Amendments tabled in Plenary
  • Second reading adopted by Parliament
Conciliation and third reading:
  • Joint text agreed by the conciliation committee
  • Third reading adopted by the Parliament
In addition to the documents being public, the parliamentary committee debates on a file and all votes by committee and plenary are public too.

As regards interinstitutional negotiations on a legislative dossier the following additional information is public:
  • Decision by a committee to open negotiations with the Council on a file
  • Decision by a committee on the composition of the negotiating team
  • The provisional agreement reached during the negotiations and the vote on this text in committee