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Presentation and competencies

The delegation for relations with South Asia evolved from the previous delegation for relations with the South Asia Association for Regional Cooperation. It covers all SAARC countries except India, i.e. Bangladesh, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, the Maldives, Nepal and Pakistan. EU relations with these countries are based on different legal grounds: thus, the EC-Pakistan Commercial Cooperation Agreement dates from 1976, while the updated EC-Bangladesh Trade and Cooperation Agreement was signed in 2001.
Although these agreements do not always explicitly foresee a parliamentary dimension, dialogue between legislators has regularly taken place, usually at the impulse of the EP Delegation: since 1981, more than 25 interparliamentary meetings have been held. This activity has allowed EP priorities on democracy and human rights to be conveyed on the ground, but has also helped the EP in its task of expressing an informed view when required by the Treaties - for instance on trade-related agreements, when its assent its required.