How is my petition treated?

Discussing a petition in PETI Committee meeting

How is my petition treated?

Registration, acknowledgement, summary, decision, publication

Your petition may be treated in one of the following ways :

Step 1: Registration

After submission, your petition will be:

  • registered by the EP services
  • marked as anonymous if you request this
  • assign a petition number

Step 2: Acknowledgment

You receive a written acknowledgment of receipt of your petition. You may be contacted for additional information, so provide accurate contact details.

Step 3: Summary

The Secretariat of the Committee on petitions:

  • examines your submissions
  • prepares a summary of the petition
  • provides recommendations to PETI Members for further action

Step 4: Decision

The Members of the Committee on petitions decide:

  • on the admissibility or inadmissibility of your petition
  • on the follow-up
  • whether it should be placed on the agenda


The Members of the Committee on petitions decides on the type of action to be followed in relation to your petition and may proceed in one or several of the following ways:

  • Ask the EC to conduct an investigation
  • Refer your petition to EP committees, national authorities, other bodies/agencies
  • Prepare a report or fact-finding visit
  • Suggest a remedy, such as SOLVIT
  • Discuss your petition in a committee meeting that you will be invited to attend
  • Any other appropriate solution


  • Petitions declared inadmissible are filed and no further action is taken.
  • The Committee will provide you with a written notification of its decision.

Step 5: Publication

After the decision on admissibility, your petition is published on the Petitions web portal and may be available for support.

Certain petitions are not published.

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