I want to submit a petition!

Person clicking on the submit button on a smartphone showing the European Parliament logo

I want to submit a petition!

5 Things to be known before you submit a petition to the European Parliament:

How, who, why, in which language, about what?

How do I submit a petition?

Petitions can be submitted in 2 ways:

  • electronically, via the PETI Portal web site;
  • on paper, via regular mail.

Who can submit a petition?

Citizens or residents

  • Individually or in association with others
  • Natural of legal persons.

Why should I submit a petition?

  • EU rights are at stake
  • To report infringements of EU law
  • To ask Parliament to adopt a certain position

In which language should I write a petition?

Petitions can be submitted in any of the official languages of the European Union.

About what can I submit a petition?

Any matters that fall within the EU's fields of activity and concern you directly, such as:

  • citizens' rights
  • environment
  • consumer protection
  • internal market
  • free movement
  • etc.

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