7. How do I submit a petition? 

Petitions can be submitted in two ways:

a. electronically through the PETI portal:

If you wish to submit a petition through this website, please read the information and instructions given under the section “How do I submit a petition on PETI portal” carefully and then complete the online form.

Please note that submissions by fax or email or means of communication other than those indicated cannot be processed.

b. by post to the following address

European Parliament

Chair of the Committee on Petitions

c/o PETI Secretariat
Rue Wiertz 60
1047 Brussels


If you wish to submit a petition in 'paper' form, there is no form to be filled in or standard format to be followed.

It is important to note that your petition must:

  • include your name, nationality and permanent address (in the case of a collective petition, it must include the name, nationality and permanent address of the representative or, at least, the first signatory);
  • be signed.

Please note that petitions in written form that do not contain the above information and/ or are unsigned will not be processed by the European Parliament.

Your petition may include attachments, including copies of any supporting documents you may have.