Petition No 1223/2020 by Victor Duenas (Dutch) on the policy of the European Union towards Cuba

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Summary title: Petition No 1223/2020 by Victor Duenas (Dutch) on the policy of the European Union towards Cuba
Petition number: 1223/2020
Topics: External Relations,  Voting Rights and Elections,  Fundamental Rights,  Social Affairs
Country: European Union,  Cuba

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Name: Victor Duenas

Petition Summary

The petitioner argues that the European Union should not continue with the implementation of the Political Dialogue and Cooperation Agreement between the European Union and Cuba. According to the petitioner, the European Union should assess the progress on human rights by the Cuban government. These reforms should include: the release of all political prisoners and the end of all harassment of state security against Cuban human rights defenders and citizens; the recognition of the right of Cuban citizens to change the political system of their country through the exercise of free voting; carry out a binding plebiscite on the island about the change of the political system, to allow the participation of the Cuban people in free, fair and multiparty elections; legal reforms to guarantee freedom of the press, association and demonstration and the ratification of ICCPR and ICESCR. The petitioner considers that since the signing of the Agreement, it is not known whether any of the aforementioned events had even been addressed in the talks between the EU and Cuba, while in several aspects the living conditions and the human rights situation in Cuba have worsened. The petitioner states that it is time for the Commission and the EEAS, to declare which reforms should be implemented in Cuba, so that the Cuban government become respectful of the principles of human rights and democracy established by the Agreement.