Petition No 1072/2020 by Erich Mähnert (Austrian) on maintaining different pigments in Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 (REACH)

Petition number: 1072/2020
Petition Summary: The petitioner states that an EU-wide ban on Pigment Blue 15:3 and Pigment Green 7 would have a lengthy negative impact on the economic competitiveness of European tattooists and pigmenters vis-a-vis providers of those services outside the EU and would jeopardise the existence of that sector. Consumers could turn to providers abroad or switch to cowboy operators. Austria is named as an example. In Austria, the provision of tattooing / pigmenting services is governed by some of the strongest regulations in Europe. It is also standard practice to use products wrongly declared to be artists’ paint. This results in a situation whereby the statutory minimum requirements concerning sterility and compliance with threshold values with regard to organic and inorganic impurities no longer need to be monitored, as liability passes from the manufacturer to the tattooist/pigmenter.
Name: Erich Mähnert
Date of admissibility:
Number of supporters: 178201
Status: Closed