Guide to the plenary

What does it do?

You will find the answers to practical and organisational questions concerning the operation of Parliament's plenary sittings:

  • the role and responsibilities of each body or individual involved in the functioning of the plenary,
  • dates, deadlines and calendar for the plenary,
  • access requirements to the Chamber, gallery and other meeting venues,
  • the organisation and operation of different parts of plenary sittings (debates, votes, question time, formal sittings),
  • documents related to plenary activities.

Where appropriate, a reference to Parliament's Rules of Procedure is given, indicating the relevant provision.

Who is this Guide for?

It is for everybody who is involved in the activities of the plenary: Members of Parliament, assistants, persons working for other European institutions, administrative staff of the EP's General Secretariat, journalists and, in general, anybody interested in how the plenary works.


Priority information and documents