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    Welcome to the European Parliament's news site, offering materials for journalists as well as content suitable for everyone.

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    Discover the topics Parliament is working on

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    Find your MEPs and learn more about their work and responsibilities.

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    Learn more about the European Parliament's powers, organisation and history as well as its contribution to human rights and democracy.

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    Main page of the European Parliament’s plenary website. Live streaming, updated speaker list, plenary news, information and documents.

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    Main page of the European Parliament's committees. Latest news, links to documents and videos of committee meetings.

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    The Chair of the European Parliament’s Conference of Delegation Chairs welcomes you to the website of the 44 delegations linking the Parliament to the world.

  • Elections 

    Between 6–9 June 2024, millions of Europeans will participate in shaping the future of European democracy on the occasion of the European elections. It is a unique moment when we can all collectively decide on the future of the European Union

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    Learn how to get in touch with Parliament, submit a petition, get access to documents or work for us.

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    The Multimedia Centre is a valuable source of information, footage, videos and photos to cover the latest news stories from the European Parliament.

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    Learn more about the public procurement processes, contracts and grants of the European Parliament.

  • Legislative Train 

    The European Parliament's Legislative Train shows the progress being made on the legislative files identified in the European Commission's priorities.

  • The President 

    Roberta METSOLA, President of the European Parliament: latest news, press releases and speeches.

  • The Secretary-General 

    Alessandro Chiocchetti, Secretaty-General of the European Parliament: latest news, press releases and speeches.

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    Discover how to initiate a petition and how to be heard by the European Parliament.

  • Think tank 

    Empowering through knowledge. Visit the website of the European Parliament Research Service.

  • Visiting 

    Visit the EU institution representing European citizens. The European Parliament welcomes group and individual visitors in Brussels, Strasbourg and Luxembourg.

  • EP NewsHub 

    The Parliament's Newshub is a real time news aggregator gathering all items published online by members, political groups and news services from the European Parliament.

  • Public Register of Documents 

    Information on legal bases for document access and the European Parliament’s Public Register of Documents.

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    Watch live streaming events directly from the European Parliament.

  • Fact sheets on the European Union 

    Fact Sheets provide an overview of European integration and the role of the European Parliament.

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    Apply for a Schuman traineeship in the European Parliament in June or November at our application page


European Parliament liaison offices 

The European Parliament has a liaison office in every member state. Their role is to raise awareness of the European Parliament and the European Union and to encourage people to vote in European parliamentary elections.