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    Welcome to the European Parliament's news site, offering materials for journalists as well as content suitable for everyone.

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    Find your MEPs and learn more about their work and responsibilities.

  • About Parliament 

    Learn more about the European Parliament's powers, organisation and history as well as its contribution to human rights and democracy.

  • Plenary 

    Main page of the European Parliament’s plenary website. Live streaming, updated speaker list, plenary news, information and documents.

  • Committees 

    Main page of the European Parliament's committees. Latest news, links to documents and videos of committee meetings.

  • Delegations 

    The Chair of the European Parliament’s Conference of Delegation Chairs welcomes you to the website of the 44 delegations linking the Parliament to the world.

  • At your service 

    Learn how to get in touch with Parliament, submit a petition, get access to documents or work for us.

  • Multimedia Centre 

    The Multimedia Centre is a valuable source of information, footage, videos and photos to cover the latest news stories from the European Parliament.

  • Contracts and Grants 

    Learn more about the public procurement processes, contracts and grants of the European Parliament.

  • Legislative Train 

    The European Parliament's Legislative Train shows the progress being made on the legislative files identified in the European Commission's priorities.

  • The President 

    David Maria SASSOLI, President of the European Parliament: latest news, press releases and speeches.

  • The Secretary-General 

    Klaus Welle, Secretaty-General of the European Parliament: latest news, press releases and speeches.

  • Petitions portal 

    Discover how to initiate a petition and how to be heard by the European Parliament.

  • Think tank 

    Empowering through knowledge. Visit the website of the European Parliament Research Service.

  • Visiting 

    Visit the EU institution representing European citizens. The European Parliament welcomes group and individual visitors in Brussels, Strasbourg and Luxembourg.

  • EP NewsHub 

    The Parliament's Newshub is a real time news aggregator gathering all items published online by members, political groups and news services from the European Parliament.

  • Public Register of Documents 

    Information on legal bases for document access and the European Parliament’s Public Register of Documents.

  • Parliament live 

    Watch live streaming events directly from the European Parliament.

  • Fact sheets on the European Union 

    Fact Sheets provide an overview of European integration and the role of the European Parliament.

  • Traineeships 

    Apply for a Schuman traineeship in the European Parliament in June or November at our application page


European Parliament liaison offices 

The European Parliament has a liaison office in every member state. Their role is to raise awareness of the European Parliament and the European Union and to encourage people to vote in European parliamentary elections.


External relations 

The European Parliament liaises with external partners on a variety of topics, e.g. trade, election observations, interparliamentary relations within the EU.

Parliamentary assemblies 

The European Parliament is also a member of different parliamentary assemblies across the world. They bring together representatives of several parliaments of the same region.