Annual Reports

Annual Report 2020 of the Directorate for Relations with National Parliaments: all activities and developments in interparliamentary cooperation in the EU

The year 2020 was a special year in interparliamentary cooperation. It was dominated by the COVID-19 health crisis and the EU's and Member States' efforts to respond and protect their citizens. EU Parliaments faced problems in common and learned from each other.

Although there was very little opportunity for interparliamentary interaction in person, exchanges were many. After a normal start, the first part of the year saw many cancelled activities, even the EU Speakers Conference was called off.

However, parliamentary work continued. During the last months of the Croatian Presidency and throughout the German Presidency, an increased number of interparliamentary Conferences and meetings took place. New working methods and forms of interaction were created.

Managing the consequences of the pandemic, the EU long term budget and recovery fund, the Conference on the Future of Europe, are only a few of the areas where national Parliaments played, and are still playing, an important role. These were also the main topics of the interparliamentary cooperation, alongside with important security and foreign policy challenges and the aftermath of Brexit.

The report gives an overview of all activities and developments in interparliamentary cooperation with national Parliaments in 2020, a cooperation involving 39 national Parliaments and Chambers across the 27 Member States and the European Parliament.