Annual Reports

Annual Report 2021 of the Directorate for Relations with National Parliaments: all activities and developments in interparliamentary cooperation in the EU

2021, the second year of the COVID-19 pandemic was again a special year in interparliamentary cooperation, but the EP and national Parliaments managed to keep business continuity and contributed substantially to EU debates on topical, political, legislative, as well as institutional issues.

The pandemic was naturally on everyone's minds, notably as regards how to deal with its economic and social aftermath, achieve a green, digital and sustainable recovery and ensure parliamentary scrutiny in this respect. Other highly pertinent topics discussed at numerous meetings included the EU's migration policy, the state of the rule of law in the Member States and the EU's security and external action in an ever more volatile international environment, to name but a few.

Owing to the epidemiological situation, interparliamentary meetings, including COSAC, IPCs and events organised by the European Parliament, such as interparliamentary committee meetings (ICMs), the European Parliamentary Week and the Joint Parliamentary Scrutiny Group on Europol (JPSG), were organised in a remote or hybrid format. .

The report aims to describe the main forms of interparliamentary cooperation and illustrates the joint work of parliaments in areas of mutual interest. It gives an overview of all activities and developments in interparliamentary cooperation with national Parliaments in 2021, a cooperation involving 39 national Parliaments and Chambers across the 27 Member States and the European Parliament.