Interparliamentary EU information exchange (IPEX)

The Interparliamentary EU information exchange (IPEX) is a platform for the electronic exchange of EU-related information between Parliaments in the European Union.

IPEX mainly serves as a document's database which contains draft legislative proposals, consultation and information documents from the European Commission, parliamentary documents and information concerning the European Union. The parliamentary documents are uploaded individually by each national Parliament. IPEX offers at the same time the possibility to follow the subsidiarity check deadlines.

IPEX furthermore contains a calendar of interparliamentary meetings and events in the European Union, a section on national Parliaments and the European Parliament with links provided to the relevant websites and databases, as well as information pertaining to specific procedures in national Parliaments. IPEX is also hosting the EU Speakers website.

IPEX was created following recommendations and agreements by the Conference of Speakers of the European Union Parliaments in Rome in 2000 and in The Hague in 2004.