Timely visit of Members of the National Assembly of Venezuela to the European Parliament (16-01-2020)

Williams Dávila Barrios and Maria Magallanes, Members of the National Assembly of Venezuela, Sakharov Prize laureate 2017 as part of the Democratic Opposition in Venezuela, and Isadora Zubillaga, interim President Guaidó's deputy commissioner for foreign affairs, visited the European Parliament in Strasbourg. They met several political groups and denounced the attempt of the Maduro's regime to sabotage the mandate of the National Assembly of Venezuela. The visit came against the background of the adoption, by the European Parliament, of a resolution on Venezuela where Members deplore the election of Luis Parra as President of the National Assembly as an orchestrated parliamentary coup d'état. Members further reaffirmed their support to Juan Guaidó as the only legitimate President and expressed their deep concern about the deteriorating situation of human rights, rule of law and democracy in the country.

Sakharov Prize Community: a new name for a new decade (01-01-2020)

SAKHAROV WEEK 2019: Ilham Tohti

Raif Badawi’s hunger strike (10-12-2019)

Oleg Sentsov collects his Sakharov Prize in person (26-11-2019)

Two released Sakharov Prize Laureates - Salih Osman and Lorent Saleh - join forces on an advocacy visit to the new European Parliament (07/08-10-2019)

Raif Badawi hunger strike (18-09-2019)

2018 Sakharov Prize Laureate Oleg Sentsov is free (07-09-2019)

Salih Osman in the European Parliament (24-06-2019)

Oyub Titiev, from 2009 Sakharov Prize laureate Memorial, on conditional release (21-06-2019)

2008 Sakharov Prize laureate Hu Jia silenced for the 30 Tiananmen Anniversary (04-06-2019)

Venezuelan political prisoner Leopoldo Lopez is free (30-04-2019)

Lorent Saleh leaves a deep imprint on 2019 Sakharov Fellows in Venice (14-04-2019)

A glimpse of light: Salih Osman released (11-04-2019)

Outrageous prison sentence for Nasrin Sotoudeh (07-03-2019)

2007 Sakharov Prize Laureate Salih Osman detained again (08-02-2019)

2017 Sakharov Prize nominee Asia Bibi free from criminal prosecution (29-01-2019)

Human rights defender in Iran punished for his activities (22-01-2019)

MEPs and Sakharov Prize laureates campaign for the release of imprisoned peers (13-12-2018)

Memorial’s Oyub Titiev kept in Chechnya prison until December 2018 (05/09/2018)

After the victory of his coalition, Xanana Gusmão becomes Minister-Counsellor to the Prime Minister of Timor-Leste (20/06/2018)

Sakharov Laureates take part in the 2018 European Development Days (05/06/2018)

Documentary movie “On her shoulders” on Nadia Murad Basee’s life (30/04/2018)

Taslima Nasreen publishes her book called “Split: A life” (11/03/2018)

Aliaksandr Milinkevich launches a distance-based university (08/03/2018)

Turkish parliament strips Leyla Zana of her parliamentary mandate (11/01/2018)

Ladies in White complain about Federica Mogherini’s visit to Cuba (05/01/2018)

Lorent Saleh’s mother announces the creation of a Sakharov Space in Venezuela (04/01/2018)

Two prestigious awards for Sakharov fellow Nicholas Opiyo (11-12/2017)

Marta Vasquez dies at 90 years old (19/11/2017)

Myanmar and Bangladesh sign agreement on return of Rohingya (10/11/2017)

Aung San Suu Kyi unveils relief plans for Rohingya Muslims in Rakhine state (13/10/2017)

Dr Mukwege speaks at the European Parliament for the Global Diaspora Week 2017 (09/10/2017)

Tens of Ladies in White detained all over Cuba (08/10/2017)

Hauwa Ibrahim launches new project to steer youth away from violent extremism (03/10/2017)

UN Security Council adopted a historic resolution to hold ISIS accountable (21/09/2017)

Aung San Suu Kyi breaks her silence (18/09/2017)

Nurit Peled-Elhanan at the European Parliament (05/09/2017)

Lamya Haji Bashar at the European Parliament to discuss the future of Singal (12/07/2017)

EP insists on guarantees for the work of human rights defenders in Cuba (05/07/2017)

The EP calls to stop persecution of Yunus, Interpol refuses extradition (13/06/2017)

One World Documentary Film Festival at the EP (27/04/2017)

Ladies in White leader Berta Soler prevented from travelling to the EP (25/04/2017)

Raif Badawi ordered to pay a one million riyal fine (€245,000) (20/03/2017)

Xanana Gusmão meets with the EU Election Observation Mission in Timor-Leste (18/03/2017)

Sakharov Prize Laureate 2010 Guillermo Fariñas at the European Parliament on EU-Cuba Relations

A. Milinkevich and Belarussian opposition leaders visit Parliament (13/10/2016)

Sakharov Fellow 2016 pushes for LGBTI rights in a meeting with Ugandan Prime Minister

Sakharov Prize 2016: nominees revealed (15/09/2016)

Guillermo Fariñas on hunger and thirst strike (11/08/2016)

Reporters Without Borders Turkey representative detained for ten days (30/06/2016)

Berta Soler of Damas De Blanco threatened with prison (22/05/2016)

Leyla Yunus granted permission to leave Azerbaijan (19/04/2016)

Raif Badawi honoured with the Prix Voltaire (10/04/2016)

Washington DC event co-hosted by Wei Jingsheng and Reporters Without Borders (11/02/2016)

MEPs plead for Raif Badawi's release in a visit to Saudi Arabia (09/02/2016)

Denis Mukwege receives the Fondation pour l'égalité des chances en Afrique Prize in Brussels (13/01/2016)

EP President calls for Razan Zaitouneh’s freedom on second anniversary of kidnapping (09/12/2015)

Leyla Yunus released (09/12/2015)

Mr Oleg Orlov from Memorial participates at the EU-NGO Human Rights Forum in Brussels (3-4/12/2015)

Raif Badawi is the Sakharov Prize 2015 laureate (29/10/2015)

Leyla Zana called for peace in Turkey during EP plenary in Strasbourg (07/10/2015)

Malala Yousafzai speaks at the UN General Assembly (25/09/2015)

Leyla Zana threatens to go on hunger strike if cease-fire is not resumed (14/09/2015)

2015 Sakharov Prize nominees are announced (11/09/2015)

Ali Ferzat — Cartoons for Freedom of Expression

Andrei Sakharov's 94th birthday

EP mentions Razan Zaitouneh in its latest urgency resolution on Syria (19/06/2015)

Taslima Nasreen criticizes religious extremism amidst deadly attacks on free thinkers (31/03/2015)

Nurit Peled calls inter-religious electoral list "a ray of hope" in Israel (25/03/2015)

Dr Denis Mukwege calls the situation at the Panzi hospital 'tense and fragile' (25/03/2015)

RWB hails new law but remains vigilant on Burundi's media freedom (12/03/2015)

Hu Jia expresses concerns on new Chinese draft counterterrorism law (11/03/2015)



#FREE RAZAN action supported by MEPs and Sakharov Prize Laureates (17/12/2014)

The European Parliament votes to recognise Palestinian Statehood (17/12/2014)

The 2014 Sakharov Prize is awarded to Denis Mukwege. Finalists EuroMaidan and Yunus invited to the award ceremony for the first time

Martin Schulz remains SPN co-Chair and new Vice President for the SPN appointed (15/09/2014)

Sakharov Laureate Razan Zaitouneh kidnapped in Syria with her husband and two other activists (13/12/2013)


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