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Parliamentary questions
19 June 2006
Answer given by Mr Frattini on behalf of the Commission

In reply to the Honourable Member’s written question, the Commission is pleased to inform him that the following EU financing has been allocated to Malta since 2004:

European Regional Fund (ERF) 2004: The allocation was EUR 113966.70 but Malta requested a co-financing of EUR 111840.01. The 2004 national programme only covered integration measures. There were no projects on reception of asylum‑seekers or voluntary return. The following two projects are co-financed by the ERF under the 2004 budget:

(i) a residential facility for unaccompanied minors enjoying humanitarian and other forms of protection, managed by the Foundation Conservatorio Bugeja;

(ii) a residential facility for adults enjoying refugee status, humanitarian and other forms of protection, managed by The Emigrants’ Commission, a non-profit organisation.

ERF 2005: The allocation is EUR 536748.47 but the multi-annual programme 2005‑07 and the annual programme 2005 are not finalised yet. For 2005, Malta receives five times more funds in comparison with 2004.

An amount of EUR 613261.96 will be received by Malta in 2006 and 2007.

ERF Community actions 2004:

JAI/2004/ERF/072 — ECRE United Kingdom (UK) — Partner: JRS Malta

EU co-financing: EUR 231168.70

The main purpose of this project is to record the experiences of refugees and asylum‑seekers who have sought protection in the European Union in order to highlight how people’s lives are affected by asylum policies and laws.

JAI/2004/ERF/074 — JRS Belgium (BE) — Partner: JRS Malta

EU co-financing: EUR 53860.00

The aim of this project is to train and educate persons involved in attending to the needs of asylum‑seekers and refugees in international, regional and national refugee and human rights law and standards, intercultural and inter-religious issues, and in the identification and response to psycho-social concerns of this vulnerable population.

JAI/2004/ERF/083 — IOM BE — Partner: Emigrants' Commission, Valletta

EU co-financing: EUR 302662.25

The project aims at contributing to the joint efforts in the enlarged EU in facilitating sustainable return of asylum‑seekers through an integrated approach to voluntary return with particular emphasis on unaccompanied minors.

ARGO 2005: Mini Work Programme — Project 2005/MWP/01. Budget allocated: EUR 32304.00. Seminar on the proposed action plan for saving life at sea and in the desert (in the Mediterranean). The aim of this seminar is to initiate dialogue between Member States and Libya on the contents of the action plan.

Apart from this direct support, the Malta authorities have benefited as partner/participant of support in the framework of projects implemented by other Member States.

RETURN 2005:

Project 2005/Return/012. Member State: Germany. This project foresees cooperation between Germany and another 11 Member States, and involves joint return flights.

EU co-financing: EUR 1532947.50

Partner in Malta: Malta Police Force

The project foresees the organisation of four international collective flights for the removal of West African nationals.

Project 2005/Return/016. Member State: Netherlands. This project involves cooperation in return operations through joint flights. The Netherlands is cooperating with another five Member States.

EU co-financing: EUR 1182632.50

Partner in Malta: Malta Police Force

This project foresees cooperation in return operations through joint flights.

Project 2005/Return/033. Member State: Italy.

EU co-financing: EUR 675893.60

Partner in Malta: Ministry for Justice and Home Affairs

Project foresees joint return flights, training activities and exchange of good practice in relation to return management.

INTI — 2004

Project 2004/INTI/089 — INSIDE CGIL Friuli Venezia Giulia. Italy

EU co-financing: EUR 151173.00

Partner in Malta: Gwu-General Worker's Malta

The project is designed to reinforce the integration of third-country nationals through employment and occupation. It aims to identify specific integration schemes through work.

Project 2004/INTI/104 — NIME — Gemeente Capelle aan den IJssel, The Netherlands

EU co-financing: EUR 550423.10

Partner in Malta: General Workers Union

The project is designed to establish a new European network. It includes a pilot project in Malta to promote a tolerant and inclusive society.

INTI — 2005

One of the selected projects is 2005/INTI/061 — EUNET IN Stichting Kontakt der Kontinenten, the Netherlands

Expected EU co-financing: EUR 239936.00

Partner in Malta: SOS (Solidarity Overseas Service) Malta

The project intends to actively contribute to integration in Member States of third-country nationals in the context of EUNET networks. Important parts of the project are to exchange information, strategies, approaches and involved staff between the partner organisations; to select and formulate ‘best practices of integration’, to develop and implement pilot projects for better understanding about EU policies and practices; to improve access and participation into existing and new networks and develop long term cooperation relations.

OJ C 328, 30/12/2006
Last updated: 18 September 2006Legal notice