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Parliamentary questions
18 February 2008

1. The Council fully shares the European Parliament's wish for a high-quality Community patent system. Work is still going on in this field within the Council's preparatory bodies, and the Council has not yet finalised its thinking as to what criteria and instruments would be appropriate for such quality measurement. In this context, the Council wishes to remind the Honourable Member of the Council's commitment to re-consult the European Parliament once a text concerning the Community patent has reached a sufficient degree of maturity within the Council.

2. The Council assures the Honourable Member that, in its discussions regarding the establishment of an EU patent system, it has always taken and will continue to take duly into account the views expressed by the European Parliament, as set out in particular in the 2006 resolution and the 2007 report referred to by the Honourable Member in his written question.

OJ C 191, 29/07/2008
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