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Parliamentary questions
8 April 2008
Answer given by Mr Barrot on behalf of the Commission

On the basis of the information provided to the Commission by the Frontex Agency(1), the following technical equipment/means were used in the sea operations 2007(2). The large majority of these means are now recorded in Central Record of Available Technical Equipment (CRATE) for use during Joint Operations.


Italy: 1 OPV Navy; 1 OPV Coast Guard; 2 OPV Guardia di Finanza; 1 MPA Airplane Navy; 1 Helicopter Navy; 1 Helicopter Guardia di Finansa

Spain: 2 CPV Guardia Civil; 2 Helicopter Guardia Civil

France: 1 Airplane Navy

Germany: 2 Helicopters Federal Police

Greece: 1 OPV Coast Guard


Spain: 1 OPV Guardia Civil; 3 CPB Guardia Civil; 2 Helicopter Guardia Civil

France: 2 Airplanes Navy/Custom

Italy: 1 ATR 42 airplane Guardi di Finanza; 1 OPV Coast Guard

Malta: 1 OPV Armed Forces

Portugal: 2 CPB Guarda Nacional Republicana


Malta: 1 OPV Armed Forces; 2 CPB Armed Forces; 1 Airplane Armed Forces

France: 1 Airplane Navy

Germany: 2 Helicopters Federal Police

Greece: 1 OPV Coast Guard

Italy: 1 CPV Guardia di Finanza; 1 OPV Coast Guard; 1 OPV Navy; 1 Airplane Coast Guard; 1 Helicopter Guardia di Finanza

Portugal: 1 Airplane

Spain: 1 CPV Guardia Civil


Greece: Partly 12 OPV/CPV Coast Guard

France: 1 Airplane Navy

CRATE could only be used in an operational context as of the second half of the year 2007. In the Hermes and Indalo Joint Operations a French Aircraft Falcon was used which was already registered in CRATE. The use of equipment listed in CRATE for the Hermes joint operation also appears in Commission Document SEC(2008)150 (cf point 2.7).

(1)The Frontex Agency is an independent organism from the Commission established by Council Regulation (EC) No 2007/2004 of 26 October 2004 establishing a European Agency for the Management of Operational Cooperation at the External Borders of the Member States of the European Union, OJ L 349, 25.11.2004. Subsequently the enclosed reply transmitted by the Commission only engages the responsibility of the Frontex Agency.
(2)The abbreviations used have the following explanation:OPV — Open Sea Vessel, CPV — Coastal Patrol Vessel (smaller than OPV and more limited range),CPB — Coastal Patrol Boats ( small boat for coastal patrolling only,MPA and ATR are the names of the Aircrafts.

OJ C 291, 13/11/2008
Last updated: 16 May 2008Legal notice