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News Report
 2005 August | July | June | May | April | March | February | January 2005 
 August 2005 
News Report : 31-08-2005
Compliance with Hague tribunal is key to accession, says Croatia's Foreign Minister
EU aid to Togo must wait till situation improves
News Report : 30-08-2005
Broader EU-China relations needed
Transport Committee demands EU-wide blacklist for air carriers

 July 2005 
News Report : 18-07-2005
Yes to aid for Tsunami-hit countries and Slovakia but no agreement yet on 2006 budget
News Report : 14-07-2005
Sour reaction to sugar reform
Payment Orders: the European way
Support for embattled OLAF at EP hearing
Aid for tsunami-hit areas and Slovakia on the way
Gender discrimination and health systems
EU should cooperate more with US in Mediterranean region
News Report : 13-07-2005
Security must take priority over rights, UK Home Secretary tells MEPs
Mining waste: MEPs stand firm
Protecting workers from the risks of optical radiation
Special medicines for children
MEPs back moves to simplify exports of generic drugs to poorer countries
Basel II directives on track
Only full EU membership acceptable, says Turkey's chief negotiator
Gordon Brown: Europe must face up to scale of economic challenge
MEPs keen to strengthen cooperation with India
News Report : 12-07-2005
Jack Straw urges swift implementation of EU anti-terror measures
Keep children safe while browsing the internet, say MEPs
News Report : 04-07-2005
Commissioner Rehn defends "rigorous" framework for negotiations with Turkey

 June 2005 
News Report : 24-06-2005
Pressure from MPs can help bring democracy to Mediterranean countries
Defence spending still distorted by national favouritism
Flame retardants: MEPs challenge the Commission
News Report : 22-06-2005
Minimum EU standards for granting refugee status
Impact on fishermen of funding reforms must not be ignored
MEPs react warily to sugar reform plans
Greater political will needed to combat violence against women
EU must continue election monitoring in Ethiopia
News Report : 21-06-2005
Latest on computerised inventions
€ 1 billion for Galileo satellite system
MEPs condemn assassination of Hawi in Beirut
Development Committee voices concern over Zimbabwe
Economics Committee stands firm on Stability Pact reform
News Report : 17-06-2005
European Parliament calls for a world without mines
Can a new budget system bring Europe closer to its citizens?
EU-Latin America meeting seeks new solutions to challenges facing both continents
Final Act at Lima calls for Euro-Latin American Trade Area, voices concern over Bolivia and condemns child exploitation
News Report : 16-06-2005
Peace and democracy the prime focus of the Euromediterranean partnership
Regional Committee supports new cross-border co-operation policy
Cultural diversity requires balance in TV production
News Report : 15-06-2005
Statute for MEPs: almost at the finishing line
Juncker: Agreement on Financial Perspective unlikely
Stability Pact is now tougher, says Koch-Weser
Self-handling to be excluded from liberalisation of port services?
UN force should replace foreign troops in Iraq
EU-Mercosur negotiations: political will needed to overcome technical obstacles to agreement, says Manuel dos Santos
News Report : 14-06-2005
One frontier for the EU
"Contains phthalates - Not to be kept in the mouth"
Freezing funds of arms dealers in Sudan and Congo
Opening up the textile market but only on equal terms
In the long run we are all dead - but not through road accidents, hopes Transport Committee
News Report : 08-06-2005
MEPs' Statute: progress report
News Report : 02-06-2005
European Union must listen to its citizens

 May 2005 
News Report : 27-05-2005
Turkey urged to enforce legislation on women's rights
Economic relations at the heart of transatlantic reconciliation
EU research budget must be protected
The European Parliament as a promoter of democracy in the world
News Report : 26-05-2005
Regional Committee sets out position on Cohesion Policy 2007 -2013
News Report : 25-05-2005
Internal Market Committee debates report on the services directive
Strong backing for anti-terrorism action plan
News Report : 24-05-2005
Tightly drafted rules urged for the reformed Stability Pact
Trichet calls for firm and strict implementation of new Stability Pact
Computerised inventions: no patents on software
Mandelson hoping to avoid clash with China over textiles
Jan Andersson elected to chair Employment Committee
News Report : 11-05-2005
Josep BORRELL speaking about the financial perspective: "The Böge report aims to be both ambitious and realistic"
MEPs push to keep European diplomatic service under parliamentary control
MEPs warmly welcome new framework agreement with Commission
News Report : 10-05-2005
Cigarette smuggling costing the EU at least € 200m in 2003

 April 2005 
News Report : 28-04-2005
Recognition of qualifications: light at the end of the tunnel
Finding ways to manage immigration
New EU Agency to monitor fundamental rights in Europe
MEPs and Syrian representatives discuss association agreement
News Report : 27-04-2005
Financial Perspective: Juncker lays it on the line
Money laundering directive to cover funding of terrorism
Clearer rights to buy alcohol and tobacco abroad
New rules for the reinsurance industry
MEPs worry about Russia's democracy but stress need for more cooperation
Chinese delegation discusses arms embargo with MEPs
ECB predicts continued recovery for the European economy
News Report : 26-04-2005
What vitamins do we want on our plates?
A single market in healthcare?
Almunia aims to complete Stability Pact reform by June
MEPs and national MPs debate European economic policy
No files said to exist on Algerians who disappeared in conflict
News Report : 22-04-2005
Food labelling that tells the truth
Review of EU drug action plan for 2005-08
News Report : 21-04-2005
Working hours opt-out to end; on-call time to count as working time
Bathing water directive enters choppy seas
Seat belts to be compulsory on buses and lorries
Ambitious targets for energy efficiency
News Report : 20-04-2005
Rail freight compensation system rejected by Transport Committee
Parliament starts work on the services directive
Europe's textile industry frets over Chinese competition
News Report : 19-04-2005
Bini Smaghi wins MEPs' backing for ECB post
WTO candidate Cuttaree champions fair trade
EU-ACP: Millennium Development Goals are achievable, says Kofi Annan
News Report : 14-04-2005
New framework agreement: closer political dialogue between Parliament and Commission
News Report : 13-04-2005
Financial Perspective: Barroso calls for realism
News Report : 07-04-2005
Speedy agreement on funding the key to a strong EU regional policy
News Report : 05-04-2005
Differences over EU budget programming

 March 2005 
News Report : 31-03-2005
"No Financial Perspective without Parliament’s agreement"
Association agreement with Syria: carrot or stick?
Cross-border mergers: a step towards clear European rules
Management of EU borders: developing a common policy
News Report : 30-03-2005
MEPs back Romanian and Bulgarian EU entry but want a say on any postponement
News Report : 17-03-2005
Growth and jobs the priority, Lisbon meeting is told
Special visas to attract researchers from outside the EU
Parliament's 2003 budget spending approved
Euromed assembly calls for "Alliance of Civilisations"
'Roaming' charges: an obstacle to a Europe-wide mobile phone network
Terrorists to be judged by the International Criminal Court?
Fighting gender discrimination: Turkey under the spotlight
No progress in debate on European diplomatic service
News Report : 16-03-2005
MEPs oppose Council decision not to open negotiations with Croatia
MEPs want to give conditional assent to accession of Romania and Bulgaria
National ownership of Lisbon Strategy the key to success
Keep our groundwater clean
Compulsory use of tachographs: MEPs call for postponement
Development policy: umbrella regulation rejected
Commission analyses rise in textile imports from China
EU budget spending: Member States urged to improve control systems
The "Bolkestein directive" and the audiovisual sector: the case for the cultural exception
Easier legal migration seen as a way to cut illegal immigration
Adequate funding the key to rural development
News Report : 15-03-2005
Euromed: Josep Borrell takes over as President
Don't weaken Stability Pact, says Trichet
Verhofstadt's five point plan for the EU economy
Environment Committee wants tougher limits on sulphur in fuels at sea
Eco-design: clearer priority to improving energy efficiency
Trade committee hears first of four candidates for WTO director-general
News Report : 14-03-2005
Euromed Assembly seeks to act as mediator in Israeli-Palestinian conflict
News Report : 10-03-2005
Iranian Nobel peace prize winner pins hope on democracy for Middle East
News Report : 09-03-2005
Computerised inventions: the ball is in Parliament's court
News Report : 03-03-2005
Computerised inventions: the Commission refuses to budge

 February 2005 
News Report : 22-02-2005
Supporting scientific research in the EU
News Report : 03-02-2005
Improved protection against unfair commercial practices
Organic food products: MEPs' appetites still unsatisfied
MEPs ask for a fresh proposal on patents for computer-implemented inventions
Neelie Kroes: "State aid: less, but better"
The future of EU Cohesion Policy - sufficient funding the key
Western Balkans: many problems still unsolved
News Report : 02-02-2005
Lisbon strategy refocused
Working party on Services Directive
Exemption of small-scale public services from state aid rules - greater clarity needed
Five million accidents at work every year is too many
Romanian fight against corruption a "quest for forgotten morality", says minister
MEPs push for better standards of criminal justice
A standard licence for Europe's air traffic controllers
News Report : 01-02-2005
Swapping criminal records: an aid to tackling international crime
EU still far from job targets of Lisbon Strategy
The future of tourism in Europe
Broader horizon for Europe's Culture Capitals

 January 2005 
News Report : 26-01-2005
Kosovo: 'standards and status' should go hand in hand
Fishing boats for tsunami victims
News Report : 20-01-2005
How to make REACH more workable: many experts in search of answer
MEPs question action plan for environment and health
Standard tests for frontal protection systems on cars
MEPs call for crackdown on pollution by ships in EU waters
News Report : 19-01-2005
Reform of Stability Pact is on track, says Almunia
Paper driving licences heading for the bin?
EU must play key role at UN Human Rights Commission
Europe urged to take the lead on development
Quality standards for criminal justice throughout Europe
News Report : 18-01-2005
Juncker warns against "extreme positions" on stability pact
Better access to medicines for poor countries?
News Report : 12-01-2005
MEPs approve € 100 million to aid tsunami victims
News Report : 11-01-2005
Aid to tsunami victims not to be at expense of others in need
News Report : 10-01-2005
Palestinians have conducted an election of which they can be proud
News Report : 08-01-2005
MEPs say Palestinians have a genuine choice of credible candidates
News Report : 07-01-2005
MEPs begin observation of ”most important election in Arab world”
News Report : 05-01-2005
Tsunami: MEPs think ahead to need for reconstruction

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