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Parliamentary questions
11 June 2010
Question for written answer
to the Commission
Rule 117
Izaskun Bilbao Barandica (ALDE)

 Subject: Certification strategy — European digital agenda

On 21 May 2010 the Commission unveiled the European digital agenda, which will guide the steps of the EU institutions in order to ensure that all European citizens can have access to the advantages and opportunities offered by the new technologies and can derive maximum benefit from their potential for boosting competitiveness and creating greater value. The principles set out under the seven major objectives of this plan include: interoperability of services, promotion of public trust in digital services, improved security, and developing online services with a view to modernisation and innovation, the public administration included. In order to attain these various objectives, a key element is the Commission's future policy concerning the promotion of digital certificates offering a secure electronic identity from which all EU citizens can benefit Union-wide. This is the objective behind the adoption and implementation of Directive 1999/93(1), which created a Community framework for electronic signatures and established the Electronic Signature Committee.

Now that eleven years have passed since the directive came into force and in the light of the tasks of that body, can the Commission state:

1. what its assessment is of the evolution of digital certificates in the Union, in terms of both quantity and interoperability;
2. how many certification bodies and how many accredited providers of certification services exist at present in the EU;
3. whether it intends to develop any specific form of certification at European level;
4. what degree of integration characterises the different technological solutions adopted by the Member States;
5. what administrative processes or services it believes could be suitable for the successful promotion of online procedures that require digital certification, and what type of support it currently offers or could offer in the future in order to encourage such initiatives?

(1)OJ L 13, 19.1.2000, p. 12.

Original language of question: ESOJ C 170 E, 10/06/2011
Last updated: 17 June 2010Legal notice