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Parliamentary questions
4 May 2010
WRITTEN QUESTION by Britta Thomsen (S&D) to the Commission

 Subject: Disabilities and ICT

ICTs are vital to making possible the social inclusion of persons with disabilities; they are gateways to education, work, culture and leisure. At the same time, when they are not accessible, ICTs create new obstacles and lead to new forms of discrimination. At present, accessibility of ICT products and services is very poor. For instance, only 5 % of public websites are accessible to citizens with disabilities (cf. the 2007 ‘Measuring progress of eAccessibility in Europe’ study, and Smart 2009), which clearly demonstrates the failure of the Riga Ministerial Declaration, which set a target of 100 % accessibility of public websites by 2010. To close the digital gap between users with disabilities and their non-disabled peers, e- and web-accessibility must be clearly and strongly considered in the future EU digital agenda, alongside ensuring access to broadband Internet for everyone and increasing the digital skills of all users.

How will the Commission consider e- and web-accessibility legislation as part of the future EU digital agenda to meet the commitments on e-accessibility arising from the ratification by the European Union of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (Articles 9, 21 and 30)?

 OJ C 138 E, 07/05/2011
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