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Thursday, 5 September 2002 - Strasbourg OJ edition

Vote (continuation)

  Montfort (NI ), in writing . – (FR) Creating a European area of lifelong learning has become a priority for the twenty-first century and we can only encourage the initiatives to achieve this.

This is a two-fold priority: it underpins the awareness of the need for lifelong learning for all and the incorporation of this training within the framework of the European area and no longer simply of just one Member State. By placing the emphasis on mobility, the report highlights the importance of training people whilst taking into account various experiences and methods that are specific to each Member State. It is both a way of achieving self-improvement and of enhancing one’s job prospects.

Lastly, although the report does not place sufficient emphasis on apprenticeships, this is nonetheless included in the awareness of the need to improve policies on professional training at European level and it reinforces my belief in the absolute need to put in place, in the coming years, a genuine 'Erasmus for apprentices' scheme which will provide professional training through a network, which has been jointly developed and takes into account the vast experience of each nation.

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