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Thursday, 21 November 2002 - Strasbourg OJ edition


  Montfort (NI ), in writing . – (FR) With this proposal for a directive, the Commission is seeking to regulate working conditions for temporary workers in the Member States. The choice of this restrictive measure is going to force regulations on the Member States that are not necessarily adapted to their specific national characteristics and which could therefore penalise this way of working, whereas the aim was to encourage it.

Although the only possible reply is that promoting temporary work, which provides flexibility for companies and integration or reintegration into the labour market for some types of workers, is quite commendable, there is absolutely no question of doing it at any price. It would seem that this proposal for a directive does not have a sufficiently sound basis.

Also, this field is the sovereign responsibility of the Member States, which are undoubtedly in a better position to assess the situation of their labour market.

This is why I cannot vote for a text which, far from achieving its objectives, runs counter to them.

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