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Thursday, 30 January 2003 - Brussels OJ edition


  Montfort (NI ), in writing . (FR) As the rapporteur highlights, trade policies cannot brutally ignore the challenges of diseases that are a priority at world level. In fact, their impact prevents development policies from being effective.

These diseases can be eradicated through access to essential drugs. There is therefore the issue of the cost, but also of promoting new drugs. We need to consolidate research and development in order to bring an end to an awful situation in which only 10% of research efforts are concentrated on the diseases responsible for 90% of illnesses worldwide.

Although it seems logical for these measures to be coordinated with those planned in the fields of sexual and reproductive health, however, there should be no question of endorsing changes in direction and of imposing, in particular, abortion as a strict boundary for development aid. We should also seek to make people take responsibility by pointing out, among other things, the need to respect life and the human being, whatever its stage of development or state of health.

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