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Wednesday, 9 April 2003 - Strasbourg OJ edition


  Berthu, de La Perriere, Montfort, Souchet and Varaut (NI ), in writing . (FR) Yet again, the vote on Parliament's calendar of sessions for 2004 has been exploited by those who are against Strasbourg. They want to reduce Parliamentary sittings in this town.

Yet again, this vote contravenes the Treaty. The protocol on the seat of the institutions states that 12 monthly plenary sessions are to be held in Strasbourg. According to precedent, this is reduced to 11 in election years. Nevertheless, the anti-Strasbourg contingent has gone even further this time, only allowing for 10 sessions.

This stems in part from the absurd action of the Socialists who wanted to cancel the last session in April because they do not want to work on 1 May.

There is an even greater paradox in that the calendar adopted provides for 5 mini-sessions to be held in Brussels in 2004. In theory however, these should not be scheduled unless the agendas of the 12 normal sessions to be held in Strasbourg are full.

We call on the French Government to take this illegal vote to the Court of Justice. Parliament is not actually a sovereign body. It only has at its disposal the specific powers conferred by the treaty. It must comply with the latter.

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