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Wednesday, 19 November 2003 - Strasbourg OJ edition

Vote (continuation)

  Montfort (PPE-DE ), in writing.(FR) The Commission proposes funding embryonic stem cell research despite the opposition of certain Member States which prohibit this and in contempt, too, of the principle of subsidiarity.

Embryonic stem cell research, which automatically entails the destruction of the embryo, is completely contrary to the principle of human dignity recognised by the Charter of Fundamental Rights (Article 2).

This research also presents technical problems. We are not yet at the stage of research for therapeutic purposes. Even if we are concerned here with fundamental research, nothing justifies using new embryos : that is Mr Liese’s compromise.

Very few of us have talked about the suffering of those who are ill and of the need to find treatments as a matter of urgency. Now, that is in fact the question posed by stem cell research. In the present state of research, only the use of adult stem cells offers hope. It presents no ethical and technical problems, but does not unfortunately have enough financial resources at its disposal. That is why the bulk of European funds should be used to finance this type of research which, alone, will be able to meet the urgent requirements of those who are ill.

For all these reasons, I shall support the Gargani amendments, which I have co-signed.

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