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Wednesday, 14 January 2009 - Strasbourg OJ edition

3. Presentation of the Czech Presidency's programme (debate)
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  Mary Lou McDonald (GUE/NGL ), in writing. The failure of the European Council to date to address the real issues behind the Irish ‘no’ to the Treaty of Lisbon make it possible that there will be a second ‘no’ vote.

Realising that a second ‘no’ vote is a realistic prospect the Czech presidency is looking to prepare for the eventuality that the Treaty of Lisbon will not enter into force. It is looking to prepare a ‘plan B’ for the selection of a new Commission under the rules of the Treaty of Nice. The reported idea of selecting a Commission of 26 Commissioners plus a High Representative for European Foreign and Security Policy from the 27th Member State is just one possible way in which this issue could be dealt with.

People across the EU recognise that the Treaty of Lisbon is not the panacea that many of its most fervent supporters present it as being. On the contrary: it could serve to deepen the economic and social problems facing us.

On the crisis in Gaza, the response of the Czech presidency is very far from what is required. The EU must take concerted action to uphold the rights of beleaguered Palestinians and to try and end the bloodshed.

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