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Procedure : 2008/0194(COD)
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PV 24/04/2009 - 3
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Explanations of votes

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Friday, 24 April 2009 - Strasbourg OJ edition

8. Explanations of vote
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- Report: Benoît Hamon (A6-0244/2009 )

  Gay Mitchell (PPE-DE ). - Madam President, this is on the same issue in relation to the free vote. I do not have an objection in principle to the withholding tax system, but I do think we have to put down a marker that tax evasion is not acceptable.

I agree with the comments that have been made about tax competition being a good thing. I think it is a good thing. I think anybody who looked at this independently would say it is a good thing. People often say, well, isn’t it easy for you – you have 12.5% corporation tax in Ireland, and I say, well why don’t you have a 12.5% corporation tax in your country, if that is the problem? But there is an issue here, and we need to put down the marker about tax evasion. That is a criminal offence, and we really have to ensure that we do not become too close to those who practise these types of evasions.

We have seen in the past where bad regulation and bad practice have brought the financial world. So in principle I am not opposed to the withholding tax, but I do want to put down the marker that we do need to do something more emphatic about the whole question of tax evasion.

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