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WORD 38k
7 October 2002
PE 323.613
pursuant to Rule 48 of the Rules of Procedure
by MaurizioTurco, Sylviane Ainardi, Alexandros Alavanos, Generoso Andria, Danielle Auroi, Maria Aviles Perea, Richard Balfe, Mary Banotti, Carlos Bautista, Maria Berger, Jean-Louis Bernié, Fausto Bertinotti, Emma Bonino, Armonia Bordes, Yasmine Boudjenah, André Brie, Yves Butel, Antonio Campos, Mogens Camre, Marco Cappato, Marie-Arlette Carlotti, Carlos Carnero, Paulo Casaca, Richard Corbett, Chantal Cauquil, Luigi Cocilovo, Daniel Cohn-Bendit, Gerard Collins, Danielle Darras, Chris Davies, Gianfranco Dell'Alba, Proinsias De Rossa, Marielle De Sarnez, Harlem Désir, Giuseppe Di Lello, Antonio Di Pietro, Avril Doyle, Barbara Dührkop, Olivier Dupuis, Marianne Eriksson, Pere Esteve, Carlo Fatuzzo, Claudio Fava, Geneviève Fraisse, Monica Frassoni, Gian Paolo Gobbo, Laura Gonzalez, Koldo Gorostiaga, Catherine Guy-Quint, Heidi Hautala, Philippe Herzog, Mary Honeyball, Richard Howitt, Wolfgang Ilgenfritz, Maria Izquierdo Rojo, Anna Karamanou, Hans Karlsson, Sylvia-Yvonne Kaufmann, Piia-Noora Kauppi, Margot Kessler, Rodi Kratsa, Johann Kronberger, Arlette Laguiller, Jo Leinen, Alain Lipietz, Caroline Lucas, Astrid Lulling, Albert Jan Maat, Neil MacCormick, Nelly Maes, Jean-Charles Marchiani, Helmuth Markov, Sergio Marques, Véronique Mathieu, Pietro Mennea, Reinhold Messner, Rosa Miguelez, Cristiana Muscardini, Antonio Mussa, Sami Naïr, Pasqualina Napoletano, William Newton Dunn, Giuseppe Nisticò, Gérard Onesta, Ria Oomen, Josu Ortuondo Larrea, Reina Paasilinno, Marco Pannella, Charles Pasqua, Yves Pietrasanta, Giuseppe Pisicchio, Adriana Poli Bortone, Christa Prets, Daniela Raschhofer, Frédérique Ries, Michel Rocard, Martine Roure, Guido Sacconi, Lennart Sacredeus, Isidoro Sanchez Garcia, Ulla Sandbaek, Amalia Sartori, Francisca Sauquillo, Diana Rosemary Scallon, Michel Scarbonchi, Agnes Schierhuber, Herman Schmid, Olle Schmidt, Peter Skinner, Miet Smet, Patsy Sörensen, Maria Sornosa, Struan Stevenson, Margie Sudre, Maj Britt Theorin, Astrid Thors, Jaime Valdivielso, Elena Valenciano, Margrietus Vandenberg, Lousewies van der Laan, Johan Van Hecke, Michiel Van Hulten, Anne Van Lancker, Ari Vatanen, Gianni Vattimo, Luigi Vinci, Carlos Westendorp, Anders Wijkman, Matti Wuori and Olga Zrihen
on forced marriage

Motion for a European Parliament resolution on forced marriage 

The European Parliament,

A.  whereas forced marriage is a violation of the principle of free consent, which cannot be justified on any cultural grounds,

B.  whereas forced marriage is a violation of human rights which are enshrined in various international conventions and which count among the basic principles of the European Union as an area of security, freedom and justice,

C.  whereas, in their Bamako Declaration of 29 March 2001, the French-speaking countries' Ministers for Child Protection reaffirmed the principle that 'the consent of future spouses must be given freely. Otherwise, the marriage is null and void and any sexual act will be considered to be an act of sexual violence',

Calls on the Council, the Commission and the Member States

1.  to consider forced marriage as a serious infringement of the right to give one's consent freely,

2.  to acknowledge that the risk of being subjected to a forced marriage is sufficient reason for a person to be granted the right to repatriation to their EU country of residence if the marriage is due to take place in a third country,

3.  to make action to combat forced marriages a priority in EU relations with third countries through the application of the 'human rights clause',

4.  to support NGOs working towards the elimination of such practices in countries where they are allowed on grounds of culture and tradition.

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