Monday, 3 April 2006 - StrasbourgOJ edition
 1.Resumption of the session
 2.Approval of Minutes of previous sitting: see Minutes
 3.Statement by the President
 4.Calendar of part-sessions for 2007: see Minutes
 5.Signature of acts adopted under codecision: see Minutes
 6.Documents received: see Minutes
 7.Order of business
 8.One-minute speeches on matters of political importance
 9.The refugee camps in Malta (debate)
 10.Guidelines for trans-European energy networks (debate)
 11.Competition policy 2004 (debate)
 12.Openness of meetings of the Council when acting in its legislative capacity - Access to the institutions documents - (debate)
 13.Supplying approved charities working to implement the European food aid programme for the most deprived citizens – Diabetes (written declarations): see Minutes
 14.WTO Ministerial Conference in Hong Kong (debate)
 15.Agenda for next sitting: see Minutes
 16.Closure of sitting
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